The company Stanisic Bio produces spreads made of forest mushrooms under the brand name of Forest Secret classified as high-quality premium food. We came across the idea to start producing this product once we recognized that people are increasingly aware of how important it is to introduce healthy foodstuff in their everyday diets. We decided to take forest mushroom as our base since mushrooms are considered to be the healthiest fruits of nature and a secret to eliminating numerous diseases of the modern times.
We supply our ingredients from certified companies whose purchase stations are located in the mountain regions of Serbia. The product is intended for all those who want to have a healthy diet. Forest mushrooms cannot be grown in artificial conditions and can grow only in natural and organic environment.



Boletus spread

Ingredients – dry boletus, millet, cold-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan salt.

Forests of oak, beech, spruce and pine trees are boletus natural habitat. Boletus is also known as the king of forest mushrooms. Boletus has healing qualities. It contains 8 essential amino acids and a high quantity of vitamins B1, B2, C and D, dietary fibers, minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc and calcium. Boletus improves immune system, regulates cardiovascular system and prevents osteoporosis.

Chanterelle spread

Ingredients – dry chanterelle, millet, cold-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan salt.

Chanterelle mostly grows in oak forests and like boletus contains 8 essential acids, vitamins B1, B2, C and D, but vitamin A most of all. Its Latin name is cibarius which means good for eating. It also destroys all kinds of worms and bad bacteria in our intestines, kills all kinds of viruses in hepatitis, keeps liver clean from all toxins and medicine remains.

Horn of plenty spread

Ingredients – dry black trumpet, millet, cold-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan salt.

Black trumpet habitat is in damp forests near beech, oak and hornbeam trees. It is rich in vitamin B12. It also contains a big quantity of proteins and carbohydrates and less fat and as such can be used as a substitute for meat in vegetarian diets. It maintains healthy functions of the brain and nervous system.


True morel spread

Ingredients – dry true morel, millet, cold-pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan salt.

True morel is classified as one of the healthiest fruits of nature. It grows in the early spring under the trees of aspen, ash and cherry in the mountain regions. This is a very rare kind of mushrooms and as a result hard to find which results in its price being quite high in the market. It is an excellent antioxidant. It is also very rich in vitamins and minerals and has a favorable effect on liver and cardiovascular system.


Black truffle spread

Ingredients – black truffle, millet, cold-pressed olive oil, Himalayan salt.

Truffles are the most respected and the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world. In addition to its excellent taste, truffle is also famous for its healing effects. It maintains the vitality of the whole organism. Its active substances renew the gray cells and consequently improve the ability to study, memorize, concentrate and maintain mental stamina in general. They make symbiotic bonds with trees in the soil 10-70 cm below the ground level. Truffles are located with trained dogs that discover them by smell they release in the nature.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt has long since been considered as a very valuable ingredient. This ingredient was used in Ancient Rome to pay the soldiers which proves its value. It is far healthier than common kitchen or sea salt. No matter the advances in technology this salt is even today extracted and washed by hands. It is also dried naturally in the sun and then packed in organic bags. This salt contains high quantity of iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium. It regulates the level of sugar in blood, has favorable effect on digestion and improves the functioning of kidneys and liver and has a good effect on the mood.


Millet is one of the oldest crops ever grown. It does not contain gluten and it is grown without the use of pesticides. Millet contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, it is highly alkaline crop which is very important as viruses and bacteria are hard to spread in such environment.

Cold pressed oil

Cold pressed oil is obtained by mechanically pressing the seeds. In this way the oil fully retains all dietary substances, above all essential fatty acids that the seeds are naturally rich in. Organically grown sunflower is rich in vitamins A, E, B i D. In addition to the vitamins themselves, nutritious value of the foodstuff is increased by minerals potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and zinc. Extra virgin organic oil helps to lower cholesterol in blood, expands blood vessels and prevents blood clots.


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